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Preparing for The Holidays in Port Chester

Posted by editor on 12/03/19

December is here, and already you can hear Christmas carols everywhere you go. Are you ready for all the festivities this month? If you find yourself overwhelmed in the coming weeks with all the errands you have to run, stop by a few of these places near your apartment that can help you prepare for the big day.

Do you spend hours upon hours every December in your kitchen baking cookies? Sure, nothing can beat grandma’s recipe, but we know a local place that can certainly help alleviate all that time spent in the kitchen. Kneaded Bread has been a staple here in Port Chester for years, and lucky for us, it’s just a short walk from The Castle. They have an array of all sorts of delicious baked goods, but their cookies are extra delicious. You can try their chocolate chip, Italian varieties, or a mix of all their baked delights.

Do you want the smell of the fresh tree in your apartment, but don’t have time to get to the farm? Just take a quick trip to the Port Chester Home Depot! While the Home Depot is a great place to pick up paint or light bulbs at most times of the year, come December it becomes our local Christmas headquarters. Stocked with dozens of trees of all sizes, as well as plenty of artificial ones in all shapes and colors, you can head just 5 minutes down Post Road for all your decorating needs this month.

Kneaded Bread

181 North Main Street

Port Chester, NY 10573

Home Depot

150 Midland Ave

Port Chester, NY 10573