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Bona Bona Ice Cream in Port Chester

Posted by editor on 05/07/19

Is your Castle apartment freezer stocked for the warm days ahead when you need a little cool down?

There is always room for ice cream. Lucky for you Bona Bona Ice Cream is within walking distance of your spectacular Castle apartment so you can indulge anytime you feel like being a kid. Nick DiBona, former Chopped winner, is known for crazy flavors like Rainbow Cookie but also has the best crafted traditional flavors around like Ripe Strawberry, Backyard Mint Chip, and Holy Cannoli. This sweet shop offers plated desserts from a classically trained pastry chef including Baked Alaska.

This month they celebrated obtaining a liquor license with a ribbon cutting ceremony and now offer “boozy” shakes. Try the Salted Bourbon and imbibe in Jim Bean with Salted Caramel ice cream – what a dream especially that you can walk home without an Uber to your Castle apartment.

Order your cone or cup and ask for it “Bona Bona Style” and you will be surprised that they blow torch before your eyes arriving with a warm toasted Italian meringue swirl. You can fill your state-of-the-art kitchen fridge with toasted meringue topped pints to take home.

Book the “sprinkle room” for a party and have it rain sprinkles on your guests. The kids will love holding up their ice cream to catch the multi-colored rain. They now make ice cream cakes for all occasions to have  a party on the Castle rooftop. There are also vegan, dairy free and sorbet options offering something for everyone. A bit of history, be sure to spot the hot pink mixer making meringue – originally tan, it was purchased from the 1965 World’s Fair in Queens!

A nice walk on a warm day – awesome ice cream so close to your Castle apartment – thankfully you can come home and hit the Castle state-of-the-art gym!


Bona Bona Ice Cream
10 Westchester Avenue
Port Chester, NY 10573