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Easy Exercises To Do In Your Castle Apartment

Posted by editor on 01/21/16

Winter with the cold weather makes will undoubtedly make it less appealing to leave your Castle apartment for a workout. Even with a gym right in our building, sometimes it’s hard to venture out, even just a few floors down. Here are some tips for our residents here at The Castle for some great exercises that are apartment friendly and easy to do, helping you stay active or stick to those New Year resolutions during the winter months!

Shape Magazine offers some great tips of exercises you can do without stepping out the door, and that are quiet and neighbor friendly. Yoga is a great way to keep your muscles loose and stay active throughout the winter, and doesn’t require much equipment. You can purchase may at home videos to follow or even search online. YouTube videos can be a great resource for different yoga exercises!  If you are looking to build your strength, at home weights are another great option for a full body workout. You can see more about Shape Magazine’s recommendations here.

If cardio is your passion, Livestrong offers some excellent indoor tips for making sure you get that cardio workout in this winter while not having towal through your apartment door. Calisthenics and  workout DVD’s are great substitutions when it’s too cold for your normal routine run outside around Port Chester. For details on how to get started with these workouts take a look at their exercise page.

Some other great ideas to help reduce noise while working out in your apartment are foam floor mats and different types of tiles. This allows for high movement exercises such as jumping jacks, placement running and other high impact cardio practices that involve lots of movement, while eliminating the loud noise.

For more workout routines that give you the same results as the gym, without having to set foot inside a gym itself, take a look at these two articles. Don’t forget though, if you need a change of scenery you can always stop by our gym here at The Castle without going through the brisk air of the outdoors!

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