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DIY Interior Design Ideas

flower display on shiny table
Posted by CastleAdmin on 04/13/15

One of the simplest ways to make your apartment at Castle truly feel like home is to add your own unique style to the space. The good news is, creating a luxe environment yourself with these DIY interior design ideas is fairly simple, even if you aren’t the creative type.

A good start is adding a pop of color to brighten a bedroom, living room or kitchen. This can be easily done by painting an accent wall.  Before you begin, look around at the furniture, artwork and other features you already have inside your home. Try to choose the right paint color that compliments the color combination of the room. Although this is a big decision, the best part is, you can always paint over it! Sometimes simply planning is the hardest part of interior designing. Keep in mind, when you are choosing your color to pick lighter colors so you can easily re-paint the walls back to their original color before you move out. If you are looking for some professional help, consider a local hardware store such as Berger Hardware (43 N Main St.) and their friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you with any questions you may have.

Another fun and quick way to brighten up your living space is by simply adding accent pillows to your furniture, or even using the furniture itself to accent a room. A colorful or modern patterned chair can also act as functional artwork. Check out nearby Pier One (427 Boston Post Rd.) for some great finds or if unique antiques are more your style, head over to Briggs House Antiques (114 Pearl St.). They have been in business for over 30 years with a huge, ever changing selection of gorgeous antiques.

Bringing nature inside is another way to open up and freshen a room. Regardless of the season, house plants or fresh flowers are always a lovely, inviting idea. Local Floral Fashions (502 Westchester Ave.) has been creating beautiful centerpieces and home decorating arrangements since 1979 and can customize the flowers specifically for you. Your home will truly feel like a castle with welcoming flowers.

Interior design does not have to be difficult. You can very easily create luxury designs for every room of your luxury apartment in Port Chester with just a few visits to the local hardware store, antique market or flower shop. You can impress your friends and neighbors with your DIY skills and best of all, have fun while doing it!


Image: Flickr