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Entertaining at Castle

Party Scrabble
Posted by CastleAdmin on 03/23/15

As a resident of Castle, you’ll surely want to invite friends and family over once in a while. While the key to hosting a good party is to simply have fun, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you plan. Here’s how you can make entertaining at Castle a breeze.


Be Prepared

There’s nothing worse than scurrying around your apartment trying to put the last minute touches on everything when the doorbell rings. (Surprise! Some guests decided to come early.) While you may wish they could unsee you in your sweats, don’t worry about entertaining them any further before the party actually starts. Simply greet them, offer them a drink and have super easy snacks on hand. Nuts, crackers, olives and cheeses are enough to keep even the pickiest guests happy while you shower and finish setting up.


Dealing With Kind (But Unwanted) Help

While it’s nice to have a hand in the kitchen (and with a gorgeous kitchen like yours, who could blame your guests for wanting to stick around), it can get tough when you have a plan and guests are milling around trying to help. You can avoid this by introducing the overly-eager-kitchen-helpers to some other friends at the party. Suggest a conversation topic that they both have in common. Or, assign this person very specific tasks that are helpful, but also out of your way. Setting the table, checking the punch, refilling drinks, etc. are all things that will get the person out of the kitchen while actually helping you.


Have Plenty of Food & Drinks

With various diets and food allergies, it can be extremely hard to please everyone. Luckily, Port Chester has a number of grocery stores and specialty shops that will prepare you for anyone. Whole Foods (575 Boston Post Rd) is always a good choice when it comes to healthy variety and you can stock up on soda and chips at Stop & Shop (15 Waterfront Pl.). If you want someone else to do the cooking, Gavi’s Grocery (41 Midland Ave) offers some of the area’s best catering.


Add Flair With Decorations and Favors

No party is complete without party favors and other festive supplies. From cups and paper plates to streamers, balloons and banners, check out nearby Party City (435 Boston Post Rd). They have everything you need to host a fun themed party. So much, in fact, you might have trouble leaving with just what you came for.


Be Considerate

This is probably the only real “rule” for being a good host and good neighbor. Be sure to consider your neighbors and have everyone leave the party by 10:00 pm. Music, laughter, loud talking, and other noises can be bothersome to people living above or below you. Stay neighborly by being a thoughtful member of the community.


Castle is a great place to live and entertain. Have fun opening your home to friends and family by throwing a party and hosting at your place this weekend!


Image: Flickr